Sounds counterintuitive? Right?

You already know the benefits of visibility and social media presence for your business.

What I am going to share today is, the amazing benefits of “Social Media ABSENCE”, my fun experience with long social media breaks and how every time I go on ‘social media fast’, my business doubles.

I dare you to try it for yourself and see what happens when you do.

Five years ago, I was on my first 10-day Silent meditation retreat — Vipassana and when I came back, for almost 2 months, I was on complete break from social media or…

“Only if I could just find out why did he do this to me, I would make peace with the whole thing,” a client told me in last session.

This is not the first time I’ve heard this.

This is a pretty common thought, we all have experienced this in our lives, when we just want to know why.

Why did he do this to me (betray/cheat/leave)?

What made her behave like this towards me (rude / indifferent / cold)?

Why did my friend cut off from me?

Why do people do such stuff?

I never got a closure, how…

#boisLockerRoom Amidst Corona pandemic, the whole nation is shocked by the exposure of group chats of young high-class Boys of reputed DelhiSchool.

Boys Locker Room, Misogyny, Sexism

Why are we so shocked? Isn’t this a mirror of our Society where Misogyny is normalised?

Do you really think that just blaming those boys and feeling disgusted by their mindset is going to change anything?

Does this incident make you question your own mindset, and that of your friends, brothers, boyfriends, husbands, sons, and fathers?

If this doesn’t make you wonder whether you’ve helped this culture, silently or not so silently, what will?”

These boys have gone…

Life Coach

Yesterday a client shared with me that her friend is going through some stress in her personal and professional life and she recommended to her to see me, her life coach.

And her friend reacted like this:

Why? There is nothing wrong with me?

My client was quite surprised at that reaction of her friend.

But I get to hear that often from my clients and friends.

When they share with their partner, family or friends that they are going to a life coach and how it is helping them emotionally as well as mentally and encourage them to see…

7 steps to have an effective voice that others, especially your kids & partner would love to hear and follow…

Recently I learnt that the voice I hear is not the voice that others hear when I speak.

So here’s what my family helped me realise -

My daughter:

Mom, are you in a bad mood?

No, Why?

Oh! You sound a bit annoyed.

My husband:

Can you please calm down first?

But I am pretty calm, you know. This is how I talk normally.

Oh! But you sound so overwhelmed.

After a few such instances, I asked my daughter…

Summer Vacation!

Fun time!

Super hot time…

Don’t know what to do time…

How to engage kids…

Can’t keep calm, kids are home and so on …

That’s what I hear from my friends and clients about summer holidays.

Most parents wish to spend quality time with their children in summer but mostly it just flies away without much being done.

Every year, my girls (15 & 11 yrs) create a plan to make their holidays super cool and fun. That is what inspired me to write this blog.

Here are 5 simple steps to make the most out of this summer…

“What you think you want, might keep you away from what you really want.”

How to know what you really want?

Supriya started speaking even before she could settle in her chair.

“My life is in a total mess.”

You don’t know how badly I wanted that promotion!

I can’t even tell you what all I did to get that.

Stayed up for so many long hours….for months, rather for almost two years now.

I ignored my home, my kids, my health, my marriage. Everything.

I’ve put on so much weight, my health is at stake.

My own kids hate me, they don’t want to talk to…

How to Help a Loved One Be their Best (not the Worst)

How to be a loving mirror to your loved ones and support them to become their best.

Let us choose one another as companions!

Let us sit at each other’s feet!

Inwardly we have many harmonies — think not

That we are only what we see.

~ Elif Shafak (Forty rules of love)

Relationships are fertile ground for our ultimate growth. They either bring the best out of us and our loved ones or the worst.

When we see any issue with our spouse/child/sibling, whether it’s their bad habits, their temperament, addiction or their personality, we just want to change…

It’s not just pampering yourself.

Pampering yourself — is it self-care?

Self-love and Self-care.

It seems like a trendy topic in today’s world, where we get bombarded by messages from media and social sites on how to pamper ourselves by incredible holidays, relaxing Spas, an awesome pair of shoes or a delicious chocolate cake.

Everything from beautiful clothes, bags to the latest gadget, drink or ways to create a sexy body; try to pull our attention.

There are so many distractions & attractions to help us enjoy our life and forget our worries.

Self-love and self-care are not just things meant to repair our tired, exhausted unhappy, discontent selves.

“It is…

And what can you do about it?

What’s draining your energy?

I work with so many women (and men too), who tell me they have no more energy or patience left, to try harder, to make things work.

Many times, they feel emotionally, physically and mentally drained.

Does this sound familiar?

You are not alone.

The first thing I ask them, is to make a list of all the things that had been draining them (sometimes it’s for many years now).

Interestingly, most of them have a similar list with repetitive things like:

People have too much expectations from me.

I keep trying to…

Dr. Saloni Singh

Saloni coaches people to help them connect with their highest self. A life & self-mastery coach from India, mom, dancer, podcaster, author & a lover of life.

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